The Badab War!

Hi and welcome to Kluffen’s awesome Campaign, The Badab War! If you are interested in joining this great event, please send an email to, and we will keep you updated on all the latest. We are still working hard to set a date for this event, but since we recently bought 24 pieces of [...]

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Badab War starting up

Hello! It’s been a while since this site was used, but now that we are starting up a new campaign we will start using this site more. Information regarding the campaign will mainly be sent by mail, but we are hoping to post images and results here as well.

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The fall of Commander Farsight part 1 – Aftermath

The campaign is over, and the Imperium won (again...). I took a few pictures, but the quality isn't  the best. We will post a summary of the campaign before the sequel. If you attended the campaign and took pictures, please send them to me us at and i will add them here ^^   [...]

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The fall of Commander Farsight part 1

Hi! We are now hosting a new event called "The fall of Commander Farsight part 1" which will be taking place April 27-28. For more information check out this link: Regards, Kluffen

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